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The Irvins | 2012 Recap, 2013 Goals

Hello Sweet Friends!

Well, 2012 was quite a year for us.  We are amazed when we look back and see what the Lord has done.  Not long before the ball dropped last New Year’s Eve, we started this business and got things going.  We were still working full-time jobs, so it wasn’t our main gig.  So after several Engagement and Family sessions, in July we shot our first wedding together, and right after, moved to Nashville, TN and made High Five For Love our Plan A, with no Plan B.  Talk about scary!  But we prayed and had peace and had confidence that if we gave our heart to this, we would do well.  And here we are, six months later, just awed at what has happened and what is to come.  We have met so many wonderful friends and clients in Nashville, we couldn’t be happier with the decision to move.  And, traveling for weddings brings us back to Buffalo often, so we still get lots of time with friends and family.  Sustaining ourselves off of our photography business alone, we are able to work from home and give more of ourselves to our career and pursue other passions as well.

We have grown personally, too — defeating so many fears, being trained up and humbled by God’s grace, and learning how to love better.  We haven’t landed on a church here, yet, but we aren’t worried.  We’ve already found incredible community and we know there’s a place for us.  We are starting the process of home owning  and it is so exciting (and overwhelming!) and we are hoping to buy in the next year and a half.  No babies, yet 🙂 — we enjoy our freedom too much and we don’t want to rush this sweet season.

We are so, so excited to see what 2013 will bring!  We have so much we want to accomplish and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for following along with us, and for being our friends.  We could never do what we do if it wasn’t for all the love and support from our amazing clients and loved ones.


2013 | Goals

++  The Irvins  ++

Become an LLC
Fully get a handle on taxes and pay quarterly taxes
Record mileage for every job
Juice at least once a week 
Go to Bikram Yoga at least once a week
Plan a romantic weekend getaway for just the two of us
Total website makeover
New partnerships with other creatives for client gifts!
Upgrade lighting
Do at least two styled shoots
Get published 5 times (blog or print)
Work towards being homeowners
Spend consistent time with God every day
Read at least three books on marriage together
Start posting monthly goals
Start serving in the community together
Find a home church
Go to Disney World together pre-children!

++  Chrissy ++

Train hard for my half marathon! Stick to the schedule
Run the 2013 Disney Princess Half Marathon in DisneyWorld on February 24
12 in 12 – Read one book every month
Blog our new packaging!
Become well acquainted with film photography and start incorporating it
More personal blog posts
Post every session on the blog within 2 weeks of sending to the client
Wake up by 7am 5 times a week
Get back on top of my vitamins! Take them all, every day.
Bake more (cooking? love it. baking? not so much)
Create more art
Light more candles 🙂

++ Eddie ++

Continue working towards personal MBA and studying business and marketing
Build a tri-copter and strap a camera to it to create aerial photography and video
Write more songs
Re-build our in-home studio and start recording music more
Share music as Goodshivers

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Did you set goals for the next year?  We would love to hear them.  January goals are coming to you tomorrow 🙂

Chrissy + Eddie