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The Irvins | Antique Coke Machine Renovation

We started a new romantic tradition this Valentines Day – restoring an old antique to a new glory!

Eddie surprised me by buying this old Coca-Cola machine for Valentines Day! We don’t normally do gifts at all, so I was not expecting anything. I’m so thankful that my man knows me so well, and wouldn’t struggle trying to buy me jewelry that I wouldn’t wear – he bought me an antique! What a stud.

So, we spent our entire Valentines scrubbing, scraping, gutting, — breaking for a coffee date and to pick out paint! — and then painting our new shelf (aka covering everything and ourselves in paint). We’re not big on red, so we changed up the original coke look for a modern seafoam green. The project extended over a few days, but it was so worth it. We love how it turned out and are now using it to hold our camera equipment in our office!

Here’s a bunch of (mostly unedited) and scattered iPhone shots of our process! The most romantic Valentines yet.