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The Irvins | 2014 Recap

Happy New Years, friends!  Can’t believe 2015 is here and welcoming us with a fresh slate for reaching goals, going on adventures, and loving more.

We already did our post on our favorite images of 2014 — see that right here.  We absolutely love what we do and the incredible couples we have been able to befriend capture in the last year.  But anyone who knows us well knows how valuable balance is to us.  We cherish our meals with our nearest and dearest, travels, personal creative projects, pursuit to know Jesus more, walks in nature, and sweet sweet alone time.  We love the occasional slow mornings with never-ending coffee, snuggling with our pup, and investing in real, authentic relationships.

2014 feels like a whirlwind.  We traveled more than ever before – mostly for weddings and sessions, but always finding a way to have some playtime in the cool places we went.  Of course we adventured around TN — the charm of Knoxville won our hearts, cliff-diving near waterfalls, walks on hiking trails and canoes on the Harpeth were a blast.  We went to Uruguay on our first missions trip together, and blogged about that here.  Our hearts will never be the same since that adventure.  We went to New Orleans and ate our weight in beignets, drank all the hurricanes, and held baby alligators.  We traveled to Washington with Chrissy’s family and relaxed on the coast, playing games and cooking meals and seeing 37 Orca whales (yes seriously) — more on that trip here.  From there we explored Seattle and took in all the sights and food that amazing city has to offer.  Weddings brought us to the great cities of Chicago and New York, NY — both of which brought lots of fun, food, and exploration.  We explored Cannelton, IN while in town for a wedding and saw where Eddie’s dad grew up and artifacts from his grandfather in their museum.  We played in corn fields in Kentucky and wandered around Louisville.  We of course made a couple visits to Buffalo to hug our people and celebrate holidays.  And we capped off the year after our last wedding with our first cruise to the Caribbean — we explored Key West, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel on Carnival’s Freedom ship and it was 100% relaxing and refreshing.

If you have glanced at us at all in the last few months you have noticed the new addition to the Irvin family — Sophie, our totally adorable and easy-going 7 year old Goldendoodle.  She literally fell right into our laps at the very beginning of our hunt for a dog and we are so completely smitten with her.  Neither of us have ever had a dog and we can’t believe how much we are in love with her.  So, if  you follow @highfiveforlove on Instagram, #sorrynotsorry for all the pupper pics.  She is the best thing that happened to us this year, for sure.

It’s been a full year for us for sure.  2015 is sure to prove pretty full as well.  We’re slowing down the traveling a bit and reminding ourselves to focus our energies on the things that really matter.  We’re saying no to distraction and fear and seeking to be brave and intentional with our lives and relationships.  We’re digging in with God in ways we never have before and already finding his grace to be bigger than any ocean we’ve ever known.  We’re learning how to love each other better.  We’re building more structure in our lives to prioritize our time and we’re rejecting the negative pressures we put on ourselves.  We’re serving others more and remembering to be grateful.Below are just some of the highlights from 2014.  We’re so thankful for those who have been a part of it, and we can’t wait to see all that 2015 holds.

The Irvins