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The Irvins | The Thankfulness Project 2013 – Complete

Chrissy here. To read the heart behind this project, I would love for you to check out my post on it – The Thankfulness Project 2013.

I did this project back in November and only now am getting to posting the full thing. Part of me is annoyed about that, but the other part of me is grateful – I am being refreshed with a long look back at what God showed me through this experience. It was harder than I expected – November was a super busy month full of travel and stress and shooting. Since I made it my rule that I had to shoot with my Canon (and not my much-more-convenient iPhone) it sometimes took more discipline than I thought it would. But that was good — I needed to follow through, and I also needed to have grace for myself when crashing into bed at the end of a long day was just more valuable than grunting through the taking and editing and posting of a photo. Especially if in my sheer exhaustion that process would be completely void of the heart I intended to have when starting out.  So, some days had two posts, some posts represented a couple of days, and some days had none.  I went a little into December – and that’s ok! The project was meant to challenge me and change me, and it did.

Each image has a special meaning – to see the individualized descriptions, check out the album on Facebook. I love how this project made me stop and be thankful. To not rush past moments or days without realizing how much good God has blessed me with. My heart was filled with thanks for wonderful mentors, the availability of fresh water, dear friends, the ability to travel, sunshine, my hardworking husband, and even the messiness of life, among other things. It was amazing realizing how little I stop and dwell on the people and things I appreciate the most before doing this. I’m not sure how this project will change shape in the years to come, but I know I want to make it a tradition. It’s too sweet not to.

I defeated the enemy who speaks lies and traps us in fear with the power of gratitude, and it was incredible. A million thanks to Ann Voskamp who inspired this journey with her book, 1,000 Gifts.