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Jen + Jamie | Picnic Engagement Session | Buffalo, NY

Well, I could talk for hours about this couple.

Mostly because Jen is my former roommate and one of my best friends, and I am just so happy for her and Jamie.  She is a sweet, compassionate, stunning young woman with a huge heart.  He is a hard-working, charming, romantic guy who is constantly making her laugh, so he’s a winner in my book.

They got engaged in February when he built her a tree bed.  You read that right – a bed in a tree.  Totally Pinterest “In my Dreams” pinboard worthy.  It was unreal, and if he hadn’t already won her heart, that would have done it.

I am so honored to be in their May wedding, and although I couldn’t be in it and be the photographer, you better believe I’m gunna snap quite a few from their very sweet affair.