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Jen + Jamie | Rustic Treebed Wedding

This is a good one.

Having the honor of being in the bridal party, we were not the main photographers for this wedding. Eddie did videography and the talented Tom Schaefer (our wedding photographer!) shot still frames of the whole day. I of course still had to snag some!

Jennifer Nieman, now Keller, is one of my all-time favorite people and best friends.  She earned her title “Roommate” when we lived together in Elmwood Village in Buffalo after college.  We worked together at a shelter for women and children at the same time, so we basically lived life together, and it was so sweet.  We have shared a lot of joys, a lot of hardships, a lot of creativity, and a lot of fun together.  Our history has us bonded for life and I’m thankful for it.  Now enter Jamie – the man who won her heart.  It’s no easy task to captivate such a captivating girl, but he did it, and I’m just so glad.  He’s gentle, kind, and his love for her is through the roof.

Their wedding had so many sweet vintage and rustic details, and took place on a beautiful day in Buffalo, NY. The theme, Treebed, was based around the proposal story – Jamie built Jen a bed up in a tree and proposed to her on it. What! Now that is love.

The blog is coming out far later than I intended, but I am so thrilled to share that Jen and Jamie are pregnant with their first child! She’s entering the world in the beginning of March and we cannot wait to meet her. What an exciting year it has been for The Kellers!