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The Irvins | Married 1 Year

We’ve been married a year!

It flew by, and yet, it is wild how much we’ve grown, learned, and how much has changed.   Just a year before, on August 14, 2011, we kissed and agreed to lay down our pride, put the other first, and always seek to to serve each other, forever and ever, amen.  Here’s a few shots from that day, photographed by the amazing Tom Schaefer:

What a really GREAT day.

And since, we’ve packed up everything we own, and found ourselves settled in Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville).  We are doing this photog gig full-time, and really starting off fresh in an incredible new city.  We’re being challenged, blessed, and sanctified in completely new ways, and we are so thankful for this incredible life we get to live together.

Now here’s a few images from our anniversary date at Arrington Vineyard.  It was pretty perfect.

Thanks for joining us on our journey.
The Irvins