Ashley and Abdou’s Colorado Mountaintop Wedding

Loved ones from all around the world surrounding them. Traveling to their favorite mountaintop town in Colorado. A weekend of trail running, hikes, and yoga in the fresh mountain air.  Truly – Ashley and Abdou’s wedding was made of their very favorite things.

We made our way from Nashville to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with our son – 1 and a half at the time – to join in the celebration weekend.  In a sense, Ashley and I (Chrissy) are family!  Her sister and my brother are married and we have the privledge of sharing two of the sweetest little nieces on the planet.  From start to finish, we truly felt like we were blood relatives apart of it all.  We loved getting to see their realtionships from so many different seasons of life, and loved getting to witness their truly great love for one another.  Their journey started many years ago and picked back up more recently, and seeing how it was all woven together is really beautiful.

In her vows, Ashley shared, “You spark me, you spark me in a way that ignites my spirit & spurs my desire to dream big.”  Dreaming big seems to definitely be a great strength of this couple – they never stop moving, exploring, enjoying.  You can see the peace and joy that they both bring each other.  You can see from their teary First Look to their jog up the trail to their beaming laughter at sunset that they are so entirely on par with each other, so equally matched in seeking all that life has for them while soaking up everything they feel in each moment.  We love their electric love and we loved their adventurous wedding weekend in the Rockies.

Chrissy and Eddie

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