Audrey + Blake | Vintage Urban Wedding

When we work with couples like Audrey and Blake, we’re reminded how seriously blessed we are to do what we do.

“This is a story about a boy from Iuka, Mississippi, and a girl from Joelton, Tennessee.  After a bumpy start of awkward interactions, they made their way into a friendship.  Then, in May of 2012, Blake told Audrey he loved her.  He’s not cautious with many things, but relationships were totally different.  He knew this meant that Audrey was the girl, and he wanted to be with her forever. Since then, she has challenged him spiritually as well as pushing him to be a better man. They’ve been through difficult times together. It’s now kind of hard to see how he ever made it without her. The story has been written here in Nashville on dates to Ru San’s, drives and walks down Richland Avenue, movies on the front porch of Thigpen, and trips home with their best friends. All these things have led up to this chapter, this moment when we turn the page on this story. But the wonderful thing is that this isn’t the end to their story – it’s only the beginning.”

That right there was an adapted excerpt from the story Blake wrote, and had their nearest and dearest read in a video shown on a giant screen in their college’s auditorium, the day he proposed to her.  Tears down her face in the middle of finals week surrounded by everyone she loved, she said yes, and their journey took an exciting new turn.

Their wedding was perfect, and they were even better.  Rain starting during their first look, things running late, and not a bit of it affected their joy.  The fact that they were marrying each other and celebrating with their favorite people – nothing could mess with that.  It was a sincere honor to be a part of it all and be able to know these incredible, lovely newlyweds.  The testimonies of those who know them best are the truest reflection of their love and character.  In Tommy, the best man’s words:

“I can’t tell you how wonderful, and godly, and caring, and Christlike Blake Jordan really is. I’ve walked by his room lots of times and seen him reading his Bible, soaking in the truths of God that will change his life.  He is a courageous pursuer of God’s will, he is so selfless with how he loves Audrey.  Audrey – it’s been obvious for a long time that Blake loves you. When he was ready to propose to you and had your ring, I would walk into his room and he would just be looking at that ring with a big smile on his face. When he planned how he would propose to you, he was so pensive and detailed, I thought, “Who is this guy and what did he do with my brother-in-law?”  In all honesty Audrey, you make Blake happy in a way that is unprecedented. Through your encouragement, your heart for ministry, and how you balance Blake, you bring a new dimension of joy to him that I’ve never seen before.”

Keep loving God, each other, and others so well, Jordans.  You are rocking it out.
The Irvins


Venue: Marathon Motor Works
Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero, The White Room
Bride’s Veil: Something Borrowed
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Wedding Dress Bee
Bouquets: DIY by Bride / Flowers from Sam’s Club (!)
Groom Attire: Tommy Hilfiger
Boutonnieres: Sharp N Proper
Cake Baker: The Brown Sugar Cake Room
Cake Topper: ETSy, Wirebicycles
Caterer: Edley’s Barbeque
Paper: DIY by Bride
Centerpieces: DIY / Board Games and Playing Cards, Engagement Photos


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