Chelsea + Tony | Urban Nashville Engagement

Some people get in front of the camera and within seconds we know our job is going to be really, really easy.

Chelsea and Tony are a brilliantly wonderful couple to shoot, and their sweet pup Landry only added to the love.  We had an amazing time with them in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood, exploring and hanging out and laughing the whole way.  We love that they aren’t shy with their affection, and how they each so naturally bring out those “I literally cannot contain my happiness in words” kind of smiles in the other.  They needed no prompting from us and because they are so at home with each other, their photos are gorgeous.

The only thing we don’t love about these two is that they are getting married in the Carribean on a day we already booked, and we can’t come along.  Not cool, guys.

Enjoy our favorites from our session with them!
Chrissy + Eddie


We're Eddie and Chrissy Irvin, a married photography duo in Nashville, TN. We value knowing what makes our clients tick and capturing them in the most authentic way possible. If you would like to book us or talk more, please contact us!

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