Dee + Lucas | Creek + Lakeside Engagement Session

I cannot imagine a sweeter pair than Dee and Lucas.

We always know pretty instantly from the initial inquiry whether or not we are stoked about working with a couple.  The first thing I loved about Dee’s message was that it was LONG, and then I fell in love with the content.  Not neat and tidy or reserved in any way, she gushed over Lucas and shared of their adventures and even struggles.  And the cherry on top?  These two have an official FALL DAY — that’s right, a whole day to celebrate fall — apple picking, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin beer, basically anything and everything fallish.  Bless, I may have found my new best friends.

Our time wandering around campsites, getting into creeks, and playing on the docks only solidified how lovely these two are and that we are already so thrilled to know them.  Can’t even imagine how much joy is going to surround their big day in July, and we can’t wait to capture it all.

Chrissy (+ Eddie)

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