Grace and Reed’s Proposal and Engagement in Nashville

Somehow in all these years we have not managed to shoot a live proposal. All the props to Grace and Reed to making our dreams come true.

These two live in Little Rock, AR, and visited us for a weekend here in Nashville. And not just any weekend — they were celebrating Grace’s birthday, aaaaand Reed was planning to pop the question. Talk about pressure, hahaha.  But they both have known this moment was coming for quite a while – they were discerning and prayerful, and not quick to jump the gun.  As soon as Reed put the ring on her finger you could see his nerves deflate and her settle so perfectly into his arms.  Here’s a little bit of the proposal, from Reed who was generous enough to give us a window into their big moment:

There are no words that I could say to even begin to express just how special you are to me, Grace. You’ve been the greatest gift I could ask for on this earth. Not only am I blessed to have you love me so well, I’m also blessed to have such a strong woman encourage and challenge me daily. I would not be half the man I am today without your love and support. You are my best friend and the best example I know who embodies your name. Not only to me do you show grace, but to each and every person you come in contact with. With all my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul, I will always love you. Until the end, you will have my heart. My Ace, will you allow me to lead you as my wife and my partner in this life… will you marry me, Grace Marie?

We love working with couples like this – intentional and genuine, with their eyes on so much more than planning a wedding. Thankful to be able to capture a bit of their story and can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold this fall in Little Rock!

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