Holly and Brent’s Urban Nashville Engagement

Some couples want their shoot to be a makeout sesh, some want to cuddle up close, and others want to play tag in the city.  Holly and Brent are the latter, and we’re super into it.

These two came to Nashville for a long weekend from their home in Denver and we were stoked to finally get to hang out.  We chased cool light and found fun new spots in Germantown and talked about all the things.  Holly is one of our former groom (and now friend) Freeman’s sister, so we met up with him and Merrick to cap off the evening with dinner at Butchertown Hall (still dreaming about those fried green tomato tacos).  Some couples are just so easy to hang with and capture, and these two are definitely one of those duos.  Love their free-spiritedness (word?) in these images.

Wedding in Richmond, VA this fall! Can’t wait.

Chrissy and Eddie


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