The Irvins | The BPFs Winter Retreat in Gatlinburg

These are our people, and this is community.

We have a collection of photographer friends and their spouses that we have grown really close to over the last year (BPFs – Best Photographer Friends… and yes, that’s intentionally cheesy).  It started organically and slowly – with lots of photo and business talk when we would hang.  Soon it grew into daily conversations, more and more gatherings, inside jokes, and now – life.  That’s the best way I can describe it, really – we just live life together.  We bear each other’s burdens, we rejoice in each other’s successes, we tease each other and care more deeply for each other than I think any of us expected we would.  Somewhere along the line we shifted from just having this career in common to being family, and Eddie and I can’t imagine life without them.

We’re all unique in our personalities and passions, strengths and vision.  We seek each other’s counsel and expertise and we’re all one another’s biggest fans.  Encouragement comes naturally because we authentically care about and adore each other and the work that each one does.  We leave no place for unhealthy comparison.  We are all in the same field, with the same market, and yet there has never been an air of competition between us (well – unless we are playing Catch Phrase, in which case, you are going DOWN boys!)  There is something so infinitely valuable in that, especially in this generation of death by comparison.

This trip to Gatlinburg in a stunning cabin in the woods was the perfect time to solidify how much we actually like each other.  It really could have gone either way, haha!  We are already planning the next adventure.  Thankful, thankful, thankful.

PS: Go follow them all on Facebook and Instagram!  They do killer work.

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