The best gift any of our couples can give us after their big day is over is by sharing a testimony with others about what it was like to work with us. We are so thrilled and honored that while they all mention loving their photos, they almost always go above and beyond to share about their experience with us with such thought, depth, and kindness. We are incredibly thankful to do such precious work for such remarkable people. Below are some snippets that made us smile so big.

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Chrissy and Eddie are literally the best. I am photo-obsessed and used to dabble in photography myself, so I was super picky about who I wanted as our wedding photographer. But when we sat down with C&E, heard their hearts and saw the beautiful things they captured, my husband and I were sold.  We seriously haven’t stopped getting compliments on our engagement/wedding pics. People always say “these are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen!”  Not only are they sweethearts that are so easy to get along with, they are extremely organized and professional. They had a more detailed timeline written out then our actual venue/planner! We breathed easy that day. These pictures are what you get to keep from that day. Forever. For-e-VER. And Chrissy & Eddie make it the most seamless, lovely experience possible. We couldn’t be happier with our pictures and new friends!


Talk about a power couple! Chrissy and Eddie are an absolute joy. From our first meeting – which felt more like old friends catching up over coffee instead of interviewing potential vendors – they made the entire planning process so much easier. They helped us develop a wonderfully useful day-of timeline that gave everyone enough time for great photos. Chrissy checked in with us numerous times leading up to the wedding day, which was a great opportunity for me to communicate special details or moments we had planned that we wanted captured. They were incredibly organized, but still so personable. We loved getting to know them before the big day during the engagement session, which made us much more comfortable during the (sometimes stressful) wedding day. And OH MY GOODNESS THE PICTURES! They both have such an incredible eye. I love looking back on those beautiful images and remembering the day we felt so loved by so many, and High Five for Love made that happen in the loveliest way.


Our day would not have been the same without these two. Chrissy and Eddie are a DREAM to work with!  The minute I saw their work, I knew I had to reach out and learn more… The minute we met them over Skype, WE knew we had to work with them for our engagement session and wedding. Their talent is beyond obvious. They have the ability to capture the pure and raw emotion that allows you to relive your day over and over. But beyond their talent, they are two of the most genuine and caring people we’ve met, and we are lucky enough to now call them friends! From grabbing donuts and coffee, to offering vendor suggestions and support during our two years of planning, they truly care about their clients/friends and it is evident in every interaction. They make you feel like you’ve been friends forever, and what’s better than that?! So, so thankful for the Instagram hashtag that led us to Chrissy and Eddie! Best find EVER!


Chrissy and Eddie at High Five for Love are the absolute best photographers I’ve ever encountered. Not only do I get compliments from my friends and family about the quality of our engagement pictures and wedding pictures, I literally have strangers contacting me to find out who took our incredible photos.  We had a very small wedding, and I really wanted to find photographers that captured the intimate and romantic feel for our wedding. I knew from the moment I met Chrissy and Eddie that I wanted to work with them, and after seeing our engagement pictures I was absolutely blown away. Throughout the entire wedding day, they managed to not miss anything at all. On top of all that, Chrissy and Eddie are the absolute sweetest, most wonderful people to have with you throughout your journey down the aisle. They are so genuine and calming, and will make you feel like a million bucks throughout the entire process. Our photos perfectly captured our day, without being cheesy or unnatural. The photos are artistic and high-end, and I’ve heard from so many of my friends that our photos look like they came out of a Vogue editorial.


I told my husband during wedding planning season that one thing that was definite was that we HAD to have HFFL, he agreed without hesitation. Chrissy & Eddie are the most genuine, kind-hearted, and talented people we’ve ever known. Each photo told the story of our day, we could just feel the emotion and recall the conversation in each and every one. We will cherish our photos 4E and the time we were able to spend with them that day 🙂 Thank you for being a role-model in marriage for us!


Chrissy and Eddie are everything! They went above and beyond to make sure our entire process went smoothly from the beginning. They helped choose our engagement shoot locations (which were incredible), set the timeline for our wedding day, and sort through all of the overwhelming details that go into planning. And, our pictures are TO DIE FOR. I’ve lost count of how many people have told us they are the most beautiful photos they’ve ever seen. I’ve had friends who paid much more for very well-known photographers in Nashville tell me they wish they could redo their engagement and wedding photos with Chrissy and Eddie because of how amazing ours turned out. We ended up getting way more photos than promised and the turnaround time was so quick! Really no one can compare, they are the best!


My wife and I were looking for someone to capture the emotions and the feelings on the day of our wedding. Someone to be able to tell our story without saying a word. We wanted someone we felt comfortable with; someone who we could be ourselves around. I understood this would be difficult and likely very expensive to find so I did not expect much.  After reviewing countless websites and photos we stumbled on High Five For Loves site. Instantly we were drawn into the details of the photos we saw. Without knowing anything about the couples we saw we felt we had an understanding for their personality, their journey, and their emotions. I found that Chrissy and Eddie were genuinely interested in us. I had planned to be the tough groom who needed to be sold on why we should hire High Five For Love. Instead I was their biggest fan because they did not try to sell me on anything. Chrissy said “We are not interested in just being your photographers, we want to be your friends when all this is done.”  We obviously chose to work with them and it might be the best decision we have ever made as a couple (besides getting married). Our photos were exactly what we wanted – Beautiful, Original and Full of Emotion.


Working with Chrissy & Eddie was an absolute breeze from day 1, and their work was amazing. I was so pleased with every aspect – the photos were creative, original, beautiful, and FUN! They 100% captured the spirit of our day. We also loved getting to know them during our engagement session – they made us feel so comfortable and brought out the best in both my husband and I. They were on time, got our photos to us in record speed, and in my opinion we payed not nearly enough for the quality we received. They are top of the line!


Every time my husband and I look through our wedding pictures, it puts a smile on our faces. They made us feel comfortable and relaxed on our big day, while keeping us on schedule. I love the husband and wife dynamic that Chrissy and Eddie have – it truly sets them apart from other photographers. Their love and happiness is so evident and contagious.


This one’s for the photo-obsessed, the I-have-a-vision-aries, the budget-savvy, and for anyone who values personal connection as much as professionalism.  We planned a wedding long-distance and on a moderate budget, so this detail-oriented bride was very deliberate about selecting vendors.  Chrissy and Eddie set themselves apart from the rest. They are so authentic, so in sync, and so invested in their work. Chrissy is the queen of communication; Eddie is the business brains. They have two photography styles uniquely their own, yet, somehow complementary. People from all parts of our lives (and even a handful of strangers) have come out of the woodworks to comment on how joyful and beautiful these photographs are. I couldn’t agree more. Looking through these photographs allows us to relive each moment – every laugh, smile, teary eye, and hug. The end result? Impeccably captured memories and two fantastic folks I am proud to now call friends. Thanks for everything, Chrissy and Eddie.


We cannot say enough good things about these two! Choosing High Five for Love was one of the greatest decisions we made for our wedding. Every single photo we’ve received is gorgeous and they went over and above what was necessary.  They’re creative and professional, genuinely kind and excited – trust me, you’ll love just hanging out with these guys! They make you feel so comfortable and that totally came through in our photos! Highly recommend working with them!


Chrissy and Eddie are amazing! We are not photogenic people nor do we like taking pictures. But we actually had fun during our engagement session because of this team and then when it came to the wedding pictures we were relaxed and had even more fun! The pictures I still can’t believe, they are absolutely amazing and capture “us” perfectly. I didn’t really understand what a great photo team could do for us, but having been through the experience, I’d say it was some of the best money we spent!


Eddie and Chrissy were made us a feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I barely noticed that they were there! Just felt like I was on a normal date with my sweetheart. This couple truly takes joy in their work. We all laughed so much! Our pictures are a work of art. They captured the candid moments from our wedding day. Looking back at our photos you can see the life of that moment happening all over again! The day goes by so fast. I am so thankful to have these gorgeous pictures to remember the day by.  Eddie and Chrissy have such servant hearts and did everything they could to make our day perfect. They went above and beyond photographing our day. We went over timelines and other details with them prior to our day,and they offered wonderful advice. They were organized and easy to contact with questions.  You can tell that they LOVE to capture love and their joy is contagious!


We can’t say enough good things about HFFL. Chrissy and Eddie made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. Their genuine enthusiasm about what they do comes through in how they interact with their clients as well as in their photos. I loved how they were able to organically capture those special moments on our big day. Our photos turned out just as we had hoped and we are thankful to have such beautiful memories. Oh and they are a sweet and creative couple that you just like being around so that definitely helps too 🙂


I do not have words to describe how AMAZING Chrissy and Eddie are. Not only are they just wonderful human beings, but their pictures are stunning! They captured not just the moments but also all of the emotion. We can look through these pictures and be right back in that moment and feel what we felt — it’s truly magical what they do. We had so many people telling us how fantastic (and sweet!) they thought our photographers were! Thank you guys for everythinggg. Love you! xx


Chrissy & Eddie were more than we could have ever asked for in photographers. Our engagement session allowed us to get to know their style and relax more so when we got to our wedding day we knew exactly what to expect! The way they work together is truly amazing!! We did a first look and Chrissy and Eddie gave us time together yet captured the moment so perfectly. The formal pictures went quickly and was very organized to make sure we had all the photos we wanted. My husband and I had a tight budget however I knew these two were all that I had dreamed of so we took the leap with them and we could not be any happier. The day goes by so quickly and their photos truly captured every special, funny, romantic, meaningful moment of us and well as our family and friends. We joke that we don’t have enough space in our house to put all of our favorite photos, it’s true. You can trust their integrity and know that they put their whole heart into your day as if it was their own! You can tell how each and every one of their couples is important to them and they work HARD capture all the unique love each and every one of us have. We made many decisions regarding our day and Chrissy and Eddie were the BEST choice as we will have breathtaking photos we will forever look back at and remember our day.


My husband and I had a tough time finding the “right” fit for us and what we were looking for in photographers. After some stressful evenings, my husband suggested reaching out to those “fun and funky photographers you love in Nashville…” (we were getting married in Florida) and I did.  Right from the start, Chrissy and Eddie won us over with their fun loving personalities and their passion for what they do. They answered emails promptly (which was oddly critical for me). Most importantly, they are good people. People that I want to be friends with. And that was something I really valued as a bride.  On the wedding day, they rolled with the punches. Let’s just say that it didn’t go as initially planned (what’s up 5 hours of nonstop rain at our all out door venue?). 😉 They were so easy going, encouraging, and tackled some really tough lighting situations. When we got our images back, I was blown away by how many “moments between the moments” they captured.  Chrissy and Eddie are really a wonderful team and I’m so grateful for our crazy day that they documented with love and grace.


From the very first time we met with Chrissy and Eddie we were 100% sure they were the photographers for us. Not only are they freaking amazing at what they do, but also they are some of the nicest, sweetest people we have ever met. Their passion for photography is second only to their passion for people. They tell the stories of their clients’ love through their lens. Their moments are real and authentic, because that is the kind of people that Chrissy and Eddie are. They were a joy to work with and were the best decision we made for our wedding.


SO. FUN. And absolutely stunning photographs! Chrissy and Eddie have a unique way of getting you out of your comfort zone and totally focusing on each other to create super spontaneous, romantic and beautiful moments. And then they capture them… all of them! Seriously. It was difficult to choose the best shots to frame! Do it. Work with them. You will not regret choosing High Five for Love to capture one of the most significant days of your life. My husband and I are thrilled!


This couple truly had a back up plan for everything and made sure that everything was taken care of every step of the way. I cannot imagine what my day would have been like had I gone with any other photographers. They truly are the absolute best at what they do. It has got to be impossible to find photographers who care more about the people that they work with and capturing their day.


Chrissy and Eddie were the best vendor I worked with. Not only is their work amazing but they are great people. Their energy and creativity make the whole process fun. We loved our sessions just because we got to hang out with them! We are so happy we chose them to document the greatest time in our lives and are even happier to now call them our friends!!


Chrissy and Eddie were absolutely wonderful! I love that every single one of our many photos captures my husband and I’s personality and relationship. They were a joy to work with throughout the whole process and worked with us to ensure that every moment of our day was perfectly documented.


Chrissy & Eddie are the absolute best. Incredibly professional, they wowed us from the moment we began working with them. From helping us select locations and clothing for our engagement shoot to making us feel comfortable when being photographed, they truly went above and beyond. Leading up to our wedding, they even helped coordinate the timeline for our big day and gave us suggestions about what would make our day run smoothly. On our wedding day, Chrissy & Eddie were compassionate, considerate, flexible, and so much fun to work with! It was like having your friends following you around, keeping you calm and laughing with you while simultaneously taking beautiful photos!


Eddie and Chrissy are truly the best! We had so much fun with them on our wedding day and the pictures were AMAZING. It was so wonderful having them as part of our wedding planning and they’re full of awesome tips that we were really grateful for. On the day of the wedding, they were super organized, calm, attentive to details, and it was just FUN!! They captured the day perfectly and we could not have asked for anyone better.


Not only is Chrissy and Eddie’s work breathtaking and beautiful but so are they. These two have this infectious joy and peace about them that puts you completely at ease. Somehow they are professional, kind, intentional, involved, efficient, talented, and a million other positive adjectives all at the same time-mastering the art of working with people. They completely pour themselves into their work as well as their couples and it is magnificent.


I never thought I would have any pictures of myself that I loved but High Five for Love definitely changed my mind on that! Having them there to shoot our special day was not only an easy decision, but probably the best decision we made when planning our wedding. We had a very small and intimate wedding, and photography was one of the most important things to us. Out of all of the different wedding photographers we looked at, we kept coming back to High Five. There is just something so unique and special about what they do. We could not be happier with our decision and our unbelievable photos from our wedding that we will always cherish, along with our two new friends that now have a special place in our hearts!


Holy cow, I cannot say enough good things about High Five for Love. From Chrissy’s stellar communication, to their amazing work, High Five for Love are the perfect pair of photographers. They love love, and it shows. Multiple people mentioned our wedding day looked right out of a magazine. Chrissy & Eddie made that happen. I felt more like they were guests at our celebration. Blending in, so friendly, and so genuinely happy for us. It was the perfect day, and I’m so glad they were there to capture it for us.


Chrissy and Eddie are some of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with. [I am a] wedding planner [and it] is a tough job… but being a wedding planner who plans your own wedding is surprisingly even tougher. I am fortunate enough to get to work with HFFL on multiple weddings each year, but being able to work with them on my own was so incredible. They are friendly, make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, their work is incredible, and best of all, they are TIMELY! Their communication was always quick, they stuck to the timeline, AND we got our pictures back so quickly, without it compromising the quality. If I could make every couple hire them, I would. they are the world’s greatest and I am happy to call them friends.


We definitely hit a home run with High Five For Love. It was so important to us to find a photographer that was able to capture not only the big moments on our wedding day, but also the smaller moments full of the intense emotions of that day that we could look back on and experience all over again – and that is exactly what Chrissy & Eddie were able to capture.


These two are the GREATEST!!! Their photography absolutely speaks for itself… Stunning! But beyond the images they capture are the intangible qualities that make these two so fantastic to partner with. They are kind, fun loving, radiate joy and calmness and bring a sense of serenity to a highly emotion filled day. We are truly grateful that we got to have them as our photographers and as part of our dream filled weekend wedding in The Rockies!


Chrissy and Eddie are, to say the least, the most phenomenal people and the most phenomenal artists. They use every moment of their time to make you feel so at ease and so organized, so that you really can enjoy the most out of your day! They are the best team and the best to work with. Everyone at the wedding enjoyed them and the photographs are….well, I think they speak for themselves! Not only do I feel so happy we chose them, I feel so happy to have new friends.


Stop looking for a photographer right now because these two ARE IT!!!!! We CANNOT say enough wonderful things about these guys :: professional, personable, kind, efficient and they make the whole experience PERFECT. engagement and wedding pics were done by them and we get RAVE compliments on our pictures by everyone. Their aesthetic is the best out there – truly the perfect wedding photographers.


Oh my goodness! Where to begin?! Chrissy and Eddie are absolutely amazing! We could not have asked for a more perfect couple to shoot our special day! Not only are their pictures BEAUTIFUL but they are the most wonderful, loving, and authentic people. They helped make every step so easy AND fun in this wonderful wedding experience! Their pictures are so unique and really capture the true beauty of each and every moment. Having High Five for Love do our engagement and wedding pictures was the absolute best decision we made throughout our wedding process and we wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂 They are a true blessing!


Chrissy and Eddie were there for us every step of the way! They truly went above and beyond to capture every special moment on our wedding day. We didn’t feel like we hired them to be there, it was just like having more friends at the wedding that happened to be taking our pictures all day! 🙂 We are so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you so much Chrissy and Eddie!


Hiring High Five For Love Photography will be, hands down, the best wedding decision you will make! Chrissy and Eddie are incredible photographers who make taking pictures comfortable and FUN (even for my husband who claims he can’t smile in pictures before noon). They captured the most cherished moments of our wedding and we are so grateful. We had a blast with them during our engagement pictures, and were so glad they were a part of our wedding day, not only as our photographers but also as our friends. Their photos are amazing and speak for themselves, but Chrissy and Eddie are just genuinely good people who we have grown to love and admire! I 100% recommend this duo and am glad to know them!!