Room Re-do | Reading Nook with Lorena Canals

You guys – mama has the nesting bug baaad.

Little lady is “due” in 2.5 weeks, but with Eli coming a week early we are officially on baby watch.  I’m already a chronic organizer/purger/redecorator, but something about the end of a third trimester really kicks everything into high gear for me. Throw that out! Scrub it all! De-clutter! Change EVERYTHING!  It’s honestly madness, especially with this summer heat in Nashville and my ankles becoming less and less ankle-like and more like sausages.

When Lorena Canals reached out about a partnership I knew exactly the space I wanted to re-invent.  We have a long lower room on the side of our house which serves as a dining room, laundry room, and until recently, housed Eddie’s piano.  He moved it over to the apartment space behind our home where he works and records music and I instantly claimed the spot for myself – a reading nook, yes please!  I had some plants and vintage pieces like the papasan chair, footstool, and end table, but it needed some new, soft elements and Lorena Canals was the perfect fit with their gorgeous Bereber Ethnic Washable Rug, and Moroccan-inspired Wall Hanging and Basket.

So in love with this space where I have already spent several mornings reading, praying, and sipping coffee (and inevitably always having my party crashed by a wild but very sweet toddler).



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