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photos by Lindsey Johnson Photography


First of all – he’s smokin’ hot. But beyond the obvious – this man is seriously the most genuine and kindhearted person I have ever known.  He puts me before himself every day, and he teaches me how to love better.  He’s also one of the most brilliant creative minds I’ve encountered yet – everything he touches turns to gold. I can’t thank God enough for the ability to live life with this stud.


This girl, this woman…totally rocks my world. The first time we hung out, I had no idea that we would one day be married with a photography business, but the fact that our beginning was taking pictures during sunrise at Niagara Falls is so hilariously ironic to me. Chrissy has been an amazing wife to me, challenging me to my core while fully supporting me in my creativity. She’s the kind of person that can be totally down-to-earth and deep, yet super hilarious. Amazing woman, amazing wife.

When we stop and think about this amazing adventurous life that we get to live – and that we get to do it together – we’re just speechless.
We are so so blessed to meet, work with, and befriend some of the best, most wildly in love couples on the planet.  We get to sow into new marriages, capture the most genuine moments of true affection, and celebrate love — all the time.
Marriage is the best.  We literally laugh and make up ridiculous songs – all day everyday.
We love that we get to work together and bring our strengths to the table, continually challenging each other to be better, create more.
Here’s what a perfect day off together would look like for us:
We of course would sleep in, (our bed is the most comfortable, cozy place in the world. literally.)
…scramble up some eggs topped with avocado and brew some bold coffee, and take the morning in slowly.
Then we’d head to the market or Whole Foods to fill our picnic basket, and take a long drive to a beautiful new nature spot where we could read, eat, and explore for hours.  We’d probably fit in a visit to some thrift stores or the flea market, and find some fun things to make our home even more lovely.
We’d then make our way to a delish local restaurant and have a great meal and a cold craft brew.
To end the night, we’d stop by the library and snag some free movie rentals, and cozy up on the couch to watch one.  Gosh – we kind of want to do all of that right now!
When it comes to our work:
We’re most inspired by passionate, sweet couples and unique, whimsical outdoor weddings. We’re very non-traditional photographers and love when our couples fully trust us and take risks.
Our ideal couples are up for anything – kissing in the rain, smashing ice-cream in each other’s faces, getting barefoot and splashing in a creek – these are our kind of lovers.  If you’re not into PDA or loosening up in front of the camera, we may not be the best fit for you.  We will ask you to take risks, and we will ask you to trust us – it’s just essential!
Oh – and we have a ton of fun – every step of the way.